Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby Smith is a ................ ;) !!!!!

       Hi everybody!! I hope you have all had a great summer so far. The month of June has been such a amazing, fun month for us.  It started with my birthday. Thank you to all of you for the birthday wishes. I thought Andy had to work on my birthday, so I was just thinking it was going to be another normal day of laundry, dishes, T.V. watching and whatever else I can think to do. He left for work in the morning like usual and I woke up and was just watching a little morning, Price is Right. It was about ten o'clock and Andy walked through the door and told me to get ready. He took the rest of the day off so we could hang out.  He made us a tee time, so off we went to the golf course. There is nothing I like better than spending the day on the golf course with Andy. When we got home me made me a birthday cake( which I just finished eating a month later). He gave me a present which was a D3100 Nikon Camera Kit. I was so happy I love to take pictures and it will be perfect for when the baby comes. Speaking of the Baby I promise I will tell you the gender by the time this is done.....I'm just going to have my fun and drag it out a while ;).  To finish off the birthday we went out to eat and I got Shrimp. Those of you who know me well know that I would pretty much die for shrimp. What a great day.
            It was about a week later when we randomly decided to head to California for a week. It's great to be from Canada and have family in Cali so we can enjoy the weather and hangout there. We did a lot of playing tennis and swimming.( I was trying to work on my tan so I don't look like a ghost anymore). Andy's aunt has a pool in here backyard, so we hung out all day and swam.  Something I really wanted to do when we were there was go to a game show. My morning routine in Utah consists of watching two game shows. Price is right and Let's make a deal. We ended up getting tickets to Lets make a deal with Wayne Brady as the host. For those of you who don't watch this show, everyone in the audience dresses up like retards and tries to get picked to make a deal(win a prize). Everyone asks me what I dressed up as and really I have no idea what I was. The picture with Andy and I dressed like freaks is what we went as. You can come up with what you think we were. But it was so fun to see how shows are filmed and experience that. I can check that off the bucket list now. We also went to Universal Studios one day and rode a few rides, took a tour of some filming stages. Very fun and something I had never experienced.  The rest of the week we really just hung out by the pool, went out to eat and relaxed. It was a great vacation for us.
        Now for the part you have all been waiting for. When we got back from Cali we had a Ultra Sound appointment two days later. I was super nervous, going in I had no idea what to expect. All I really wanted was a Healthy Baby. I couldn't believe how clear everything was and how well we could see the baby. All ten fingers and toes were there and everything is developing really well. When it game down to the Gender of the baby the nurse asked, any last guesses? I really didn't know and I didn't really want to guess, it made me nervous that I was favoring whatever gender I said, so I just said nope. He was like well if it was a girl, it sure wouldn't have that. And he was pointed to something on the screen. Now most of you should know what "that" means. ;). We are having a little baby boy.  We are both so excited, either gender really would of been great, but knowing that its a boy is just so happy. It gives me another couple years to learn how to do a little girls hair ;). But we are so excited to have a little man joining our family. It seems so much more real to me now. Seeing the baby was incredible. He was moving around in me like crazy and I thought it was amazing that I couldn't feel any of his squirming. I will post a few pictures from the Ultra Sound for you all to see. Also I promised a prego pic( Me in Pink Shirt), so there will be one of those also. I am 20 weeks along now, HALF WAY THERE!!!  You will probably all laugh because I still don't look pregnant to anyone but myself. The nurse told me yesterday that he thought I was messing with him. He was like, "Do people tell you that you don't look pregnant." I just laughed because I feel like I am getting bigger.
      Well sorry this was so long and that I dragged out the most exciting part of this blog, but I appreciate you all for reading it. For all of you from Canada I will be home in about 3 weeks and I can't wait to see you all. And I will have a tummy by then I'm sure. Enjoy the pictures and I will write again soon. :) Thanks and I love you all.


  1. yaaa congrats! little boys are the best! when will you be in cardston? i am going up from the 13th of july to the 26th. prob the 13-16 ish i will be in cardston, then we are heading to echo the rest of the time. it would be awesome to see you!

  2. So excited for you both! You are way too skinny to be half done, but then, it is your first. Hope you keep feeling great. Congratulations!

  3. OK, sorry, Julie, Babu and Shosho are our grandparent names which we got named when Dillon was in Kenya. They are Swahili for Grandpa and Grandma! This is Sheila Hall commenting!

  4. We love your blog Julie! We are super excited for you and the anticipated arrival of baby boy Smith! The picture of you guys dressed up is hilarious! haha We will see you guys soon :)
    Love Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Ken